Flightless Bird

Alone I stand with the wind through my hair,
People passing in their flocks without a care,
I sum up my life in a couple silent words,
It’s time to fly among the birds.

The courage required deeply misunderstood,
To face my demons like ‘all men should’,
Judgement passing together – no sense heard,
Soon I shall fly among the birds.

One caring stranger froze and stared,
Suddenly I noticed they were not scared,
To approach this pain and leave his herd,
A stranger to fly with this bird.

He talked in a soothing and calming tone,
To him my thoughts and feelings are known,
“Come down, my friend, your reality is blurred”,
Should I fly among the birds?

A caring voice – not recently felt,
I think about the problems I have not dealt,
There is no quick fix the stranger conferred,
“Come back to safety, flightless bird.”

With a slow approach, he took my hand,
This interaction is not what I had planned,
He helped me down, police blocking the street,
A flightless bird who found his feet.”