Our Partners

Our Partners

  • RGU: Union

    RGU Student Association (Union) are our Governing body. They provide us with a financial grant and staff support. The idea of RGU: Nightline was formed from the Union and has developed within the association by providing the brand, policies, marketing and moral and financial support.

  • Robert Gordon University

    Robert Gordon University (Estates, Accommodation, Counselling departments) have provided RGU: Nightline with overwhelming support. Not only did they provide us with a venue where we can operate, they have provided us with advice and support throughout the process of setting up.

  • Mental Wellbeing Society

    The Mental health and wellbeing society is a brand new society for 2014 and we are looking to tackle the stigma and raising awareness whilst supporting the students of RGU.

  • Keysurf

    Keysurf have generously supported RGU: Nightline by providing us with equipment and a working internet connection so we can respond to calls, emails and instant messenger!

  • Wood Group

    Wood Group very generously contributed a very substantial financial contribution to RGU: Nightline so that we can deliver the highest quality of service we can to our students!

  • Nightline Association

    Nightline Association are the governing organisation body that supports all Nightlines across the UK. They have provided RGU: NL with profound support in setting up and expert advice in how to ensure our Nightline remains professional.

  • ThreeRings

    ThreeRings provide us with a unique software programme that allows to manage our volunteers in an efficient way and record data while providing confidential functions and a lockbox for important information.

  • Tom Sadler Photography

    Tom our Co-Chair has used his experiences and skills as a professional photographer to support RGU: Nightline with high quality photos used for our website, campaigns and in publicity and marketing.